Kidvana Grows! is a nonprofit charity dedicated to helping urban youth learn the basics of growing and maintaining their own personal gardens and food products. By working through local community centers and churches, we enable and educate youth on different types of vegetables and growing environments. We help them set up ‘micro-gardens’ that can be maintained in small apartments or other urban areas. The children get the experience of learning about biology and agriculture, while also getting rewarded with eatable fruits and vegetables.

We also encourage entrepreneurship by helping youth grow fruit and vegetables they can sell at local markets or other venues for profit.

For every sale at we dedicate a portion of the proceeds towards this cause. We believe investing to educate children to be self-sustaining is an important goal to create leadership independence and to embellish the entrepreneurial spirit.

For more information on Kidvana Grows! please reach out to us at

We appreciate all the support and kindness!

Mgmt, Kidvana, Inc.